Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 6 ending explained

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 6 ending explained

This week marked the conclusion of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s debut season on Disney+. The former Jedi Master had to hurry back to Tatooine to save another child crucial to restoring balance to the Force and the galaxy as a whole after cutting through the wire to save a young Princess Leia Organa from Reva and the Empire. Discover more as we delve in-depth and study the Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 6 ending described this week.

The series finale picks up in Tatooine after the events of episode five, with Reva following the tip she received from Bail Organa’s message. She is seen to be seeking Owen Lars. Later in the episode, Obi-Wan is being pursued by Darth Vader’s star destroyer as he is on the rebel ship. The Jedi are then informed by Roken that their ship’s motivator is damaged and that they would not be able to reach their goal. Owen and Luke Skywalker visit a store on Tatooine in search of speeder parts. The farmer is subsequently informed that Reva is seeking him by someone.

Obi-Wan tells the passengers of the ship that by allowing himself to be taken prisoner, he will delay Vader. As the Jedi urge Haja Estree to bring the princess home, Leia is inconsolable. They must keep Luke hidden from the inquisitor while Owen tells Beru about Reva. His wife disapproves and threatens to confront her if they continue their argument. Leia is approached by Obi-Wan, who informs her that she’s leaving to go home. The prince informs the princess that she won’t always be a young girl and hands her an empty holster. The Jedi is requested to return by Leia, and he agrees.

Roken then urges the Jedi to remain. Kenobi declines and instructs the rebel to carry on organizing the populace. Darth Vader and the Grand Inquisitor are both interested when he uses the escape vessel. The imperial vessel then concentrates on the Jedi. As dusk comes, Owen and Beru take Luke into a hidden area of their house. Vader decides to pursue Obi-Wan on his own after he pilots the ship to an uninhabited planet. The Jedi discovers Lola inside his robe as he gets ready. While he waits for the Sith Lord to show up, he leaves it inside the ship. They square up, light up their lightsabers, and start fighting.

Vader opens the ground with the Force after sparring with his former master, and Obi-Wan falls within. Kenobi is then buried beneath a huge boulder, left to perish. Instead of letting the rocks crush him, Kenobi uses the Force to stop it. He is able to drive the pebbles away from him by recalling Leia. As the two continue to fight, Vader detects his escape. Kenobi, however, is more violent this time and lifts tons of rocks to hit the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Then the Jedi Master disabled Vader’s chest unit, drastically weakening him. He strikes his helmet through this gap, revealing Anakin’s burned face to his previous employer. Beset by sorrow over who his former apprentice has become, Obi-Wan calls out to him. Obi-Wan expresses regret to Anakin for not saving him.

Vader explains to Obi-Wan that he didn’t kill Anakin. The Sith Lord asserts that he accomplished it himself. Obi-Wan then informs him that his friend has actually passed away and departs. Reva enters the Lars facility from a different galaxy and confronts Owen and Beru. The inquisitor catches Beru giving Luke time to flee after hurting him. As Reva pursues him, the small child flees to the desert. Obi-Wan was alerted by the Third Sister’s accomplishment of tracking down Luke.

Obi-Wan comes on Tatooine to find Owen and Beur searching for Luke just before she is about to murder the little Skywalker. Then, Luke, who appears to be comatose, is being carried by Reva. Reva admits to Kenobi that she was sorry she couldn’t murder the boy. He assures her that she hasn’t changed into Darth Vader and that she is now free to become anyone she wants to be. She pulls out her lightsaber and discards it with tears in her eyes, breaking free from the Dark Side.

Darth Vader speaks with Emperor Palpatine at Mustafar and promises to find Obi-Wan. Then Palpatine warns him that his fixation on Kenobi might be his downfall. Vader responds that he only serves the dark one. Leia is shown getting ready to go with her parents to see Obi-Wan in Alderaan. Along with Lola, the Jedi shows up. Kenobi is thanked for his service by Bail and Breha. Leia is approached by Obi-Wan after they have spoken, and he describes her real parents in detail. She gives the Jedi a hug and says farewell.

Obi-Wan discovers the toy ship he was going to give Luke at the start of the series back in his cave. He gathers all his possessions and heads to the Lars’ property. The Jedi instructs the farmer to look after Luke well. Owen also asks him if he wants to meet the boy as he is leaving. Obi-Wan approaches Luke while carrying his gift and says the well-known greeting, “Hello there.” Obi-Wan later encounters Qui-Gonn Jinn’s Force ghost in the desert after their initial encounter. The Jedi have a lot of work to do, his former master calls him and informs him.

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